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Trusted Limousine Service and Corporate Transportin Glendale

At Regal Limousine Inc., our clients have been arriving in Glendale with style and class since 1984.

Our family-owned business provides our clientele the highest levels of comfort and luxury with a beautifully maintained fleet of limousines and passenger vans, operated by a team of professional chauffeurs who always provide our clientele with a comfortable and stress-free arrival to any occasion.

Reliable, Luxury Corporate Transport Service

Regal Limousine is synonymous with quality and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. We offer a personalized service that cannot be matched by large corporate companies.

Our business in Glendale thrives because we are able to guarantee each of our customers the best possible experience.

Our company uses several high-end models to suit any of our customers’ needs. Our fleet of luxury vehicles includes recent models such as:

  • Lincoln Town Car

    The Lincoln Town Car livery edition is packed with comfort and safety features for passengers. It include leather seats, superior leg and headroom in the back seat, superior cargo capacity and unsurpassed interior quietness. Sits up to 3 passengers.

  • Chevy Suburban

    The Chevy Suburban offers a spacious, versatile interior, great performance, and class-leading safety technology. The Suburban provides ample cargo space as well as passenger comfort. Driver assist technologies use strategically located cameras and radar sensors to warn of potential on- or off-the-road risks. With the Chevrolet Suburban, passengers can expect a smooth, quiet and comfortable travel experience. Sits up to 6 passengers.

    Mercedes Benz S Class

    The Mercedes-Benz S550 is an elegantly designed automobile that offers the passenger the best in personal comfort, automotive safety, and performance. The luxuriously appointed interior is designed with the passenger in mind. With more than 43” of leg and 37.4” of headroom in the rear, the S-Class caters to each passenger’s unspoken desire for comfort and elegance. Rear passengers also enjoy individual controls for their seat and temperature settings. This combination of luxury and passenger amenities makes the S-Class the ultimate choice in luxury chauffeured transportation for the most distinguished passenger. Sits up to 3 passengers.

    Lincoln Stretch Limo

    The Lincoln Stretch Limo is perfect for weddings, birthdays, and more. Featuring the best features Lincoln has to offer. Sits up to 10 passengers.

    Chevy 15 Passenger Van

    The Chevy Express Passenger Van is a luxury workhorse for transporting groups and their luggage. It has a seating capacity for 14 passengers, but the van can also be used to transport a large amount of luggage by removing the last 2 or 3 rows. Sits up to 14 passengers.

    Lincoln MKT

    The Lincoln MKT livery version is packed with comfort and safety features for passengers. Comfort features include leather seats, superior leg and headroom in the back seat, superior cargo capacity, unsurpassed interior quietness, and passengers also enjoy individual controls for their seat and temperature settings. Sits up to 3 passengers.

Experienced, Personalized Corporate Transport

The service-oriented attitude we are known for at Regal Limousine Inc. is what the chauffeurs we hire are sought for, too! Each one of our expert chauffeurs is chosen for their personality, driving abilities, and professional appearance. We also perform background checks and carefully train our employees to ensure our customers receive a helpful, amicable and professional service from start to finish.

Our chauffeurs also offer a “Meet & Greet Service” with any airline arrival or departure transport service to ensure every trip to and from the airport as smooth and relaxed as possible.

Our Corporate Transport Services

Regal Limousine has decades of experience with providing business and residential clients a memorable and distinguished experience. We offer our services for a number of social occasions, including:

  • Corporate services and events
  • Charters for teams and large groups
  • Airport transport
  • Prom and Graduation
  • Weddings
  • Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Casino nights and other informal group celebrations

Benefits of Luxury Corporate Transport and Limousine Services

We understand the importance of special occasions in your daily life, so we always strive to achieve utmost customer satisfaction and a to provide all of our customers consistent, top quality services. All of our employees and chauffeurs strive to have expert knowledge and impeccable, reliable services that will always put the client first.

Regal Limousine Inc. does not simply commit to customer satisfaction; we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations. Our service-oriented, family owned and operated will be sure to leave a lasting and shining impression on you and your most important guests.

Contact Regal Limousine Services for A Special Time

Regal Limousine will do everything possible to make your special occasions magical and unforgettable, making our company the top choice for luxurious, reliable transport in Glendale.

For price inquiries or to book your reservation, contact us today!